Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Turn Left Mummy!

Had a great impromptu play date for mums and kids today - thank you ladies for a great morning and lunch! Thank you Melissa for letting our children come and tear it up at your house! Thank you Jack for your great pics!

Say cheese! "Missing": Casey, Melissa & Maggie, Eton's face and body, Jack (photog)

A touch of nearly all of us 😊

We headed off to base to start our crazy Taiko Tuesday. On our way, we pass a sushi-go-round we go to. Ian usually pipes up with, "Sushi, please!". Today, he upped the ante, "Turn left, please, Mummy!"
He does have great taste (and, apparently a good sense of direction)!

Got to play at the school before Stefan's taiko while Dougie was at his taiko lesson.

After playing taxi and dropping Stefan and Dougie at Awana, we met Eric at Starbucks. Popped Ian in the stroller and hoped to catch a walk in the snow flurry.

To call it a flurry would be overkill, but it made for an enjoyable winter's walk.

A lovely way to end a lovely, but busy, day.

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Mummy's Little Helpers - A Sweet Day!

Dougie was home for winter break after Stefan had gone back to school and we decided to bake cookies one day. Chocolate cookies, by Dougie's request.
Ian joined in the fun.

We used a recipe we could all manage. Pillsbury. Boxed!

Monkey had to help...

I had him guard my coffee (Mummy's REAL helper...)

The round cookies slid together as they baked (cookie sheet larger than tiny oven). So we made...

Snowmen! Very dirty snowmen...

Dougie decorated diligently

Ian taste-tested diligently.

It was a sweet day!

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