Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy White Valentine's Day

We are not the family that celebrates the invented holiday of Valentine's Day. At least, not in the "traditional" sense...

Those romantic dates led to romance which, eventually, led to family... So we choose to celebrate this day with our family and share a meal together. Literally.

It's a holiday for fondue!

Because we are "FOND-O-U" (hisssssssss)

This year, while we pined away for out loved ones back "home", we shared a pot of fondue and a bottle of wine with a family we have come to love dearly! We have been blessed to have the Paluszeks in our lives and grateful they warmed our dining room A&D hearts. Lucky for them, we only live kitty corner from each other as they got to brave the elements (sleet...) on their way over...

The magnum bottle of Costco Chardonnay served me very well today. It made fondue possible at our table, Gina's table (a new V-day tradition for the Cohns as well!) , a glass of vino for Eric and myself - but it also served as a great makeshift rolling pin as Gkna, Dixie and I made a double batch if banket.

We skipped slicing the banket and went straight for the halves!

Today is a day for sharing with the ones we love. This is a day I would happily repeat on any day of the year. I would happily forfeit the marginally good, commercialized chocolate for time with wonderful friends, loving family, fondue and a good bottle of wine. Any. Time.

I might skip repeating the living room re-organizing and the weeks laundry piled up... But that is my life!


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