Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Walk (Ride) in the Park

It is such a beautiful day! Our thermometer registered 122.7! Perhaps I need to change its location... (Presently against the house, on top of the metal a/c unit - the metal gets quite warm in the sun!)

Today was Ian's last day for the year at Seika. He will return on April 11th in Sweet Pea.

It is an Awana night, so I put Ian down for a nap and the other two went to the park. An hour into the nap - THUD! Nap over - Ian on floor :(

So, he donned a bike helmet (his Seika standard issue earthquake helmet, actually) and off to the park we went.

He is getting really confident on the scoot bike and makes laps around and up the hill so he can come zooming down.

The Sakura trees are starting to bloom - amazing! Beautiful!!!

Dougie befriended a girl (Fumika - he asked her name after I prompted him...). They made a water slide out of the drinking fountain. It was incredible to just listen to Dougie chatting away in Nihongo. Even Ian came in at one point and was using his Nihongo!! It's times like this that I am so glad we sent them to Yochien!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Post Office

In the States, the only things you can do at a Post Office are:

  1. Stand in line
  2. Mail/ship letters and packages
  3. Buy stamps
  4. Buy USPS logo chachka
  5. Get your passport

In Japan, you can do those things, plus:

  1. Buy mailable treats (Kit Kat are given for good luck here and they come in a million different varieties - spring is here, so Sakura flavored are now out!)
  2. Same as above, but with a smile!
  3. Pay your bills
  4. Pay your insurance
  5. Pay your traffic tickets...