Thursday, January 2, 2014

Knitting Knews!

Look what came today!  Personalized knits for the boys (THANKS GRAMMIE!!!)

The hat fits the boy - both his head and personality! 

The boy who loves camouflage - just blending in!

And monkeys for the monkey...

A New Year's day tradition in Japan is to fly kites.  The wind was up and so was our kite...

We were the only ones out flying kites.  So much for tradition!  Ha! 

The low flying kite made a good game of chase and leap... 

Ian took his "pedal bike" out for a spin


and he figured out that it was a lot easier to go down the hills...

And coast ;)

He then took his snack of mikans and headed to the bush where he hung out,

peeled and munched his mikans

The minion left his hat did not come off, even through dinner.  The minion ate onion.  Soup.

And the monkey slept with his monkeys.  His lovie, his jambes AND his new mittens.

They are all quite satisfied!


The Anthony's can lose at Bingo. Every. Single. Time...

With one exception: Dougie

Last year, he won a kilo of dried mochi. This year? A bottle of wine!

The other two? They each won a washcloth...

He did not just win ANY bottle of wine. He won a reserved bottle of Beaujolais Nouveaux! And a wine glass!

We had to go and pick it up at the Kamiooooooooka Department store. I may have taken advantage and done a little sake tasting. And wine...

And, we discovered that the Japanese really do have muffin tops too! Here is what they look like:

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