Sunday, July 20, 2014

Just a typical Saturday

OK, maybe not "typical" - and it was a first.  Hopefully the first of many!

We got up Saturday bright and EARLY.  Eric took Stefan to participate in his first Sprint Triathlon and I took Dougie off to the swim meet.

Stefan did the biking portion of the race and Matthew swam while Jack anchored the run.  Jack and his family just PCS'd over.  They are a really neat family and we have enjoyed getting to know them.  These three boys acted like they have always known each other.  They seem to be a really great fit!

For those that are uber-observant (no, I am not one...) I did reverse the picture (numbers and Jerseys are backwards) so the boys were in the "right order" for the event - starts with a swim, then bike and then run...

Mr. Social rode it on a too-small mountain bike.  As we have contemplated what bike to upgrade him to, we started to question if a mountain bike was the right answer...  But then again, Stefan spent most of his time hollering to people in the houses that he knew ("HI JACOB!!!!") and jumping off the curbs.  To say he could have gone faster would be true - but he would have had much less fun :)  Jacob did, in fact, notice him and I got some long distance updates from his mom!  Super fun!

It was all three boys first experience participating in a triathlon and are determined to do it on their own next summer.  We are all for it!

Dougie decided to show up at this swim meet.  He was in the lane next to Thor and his competitive streak kicked in.  He was bound and determined to beat Thor.  And he did, by a touch, in breaststroke.  Freestyle he missed, but only by a touch.  It was great to see him actually APPLY HIMSELF!

The best part - he was smiling THE. ENTIRE. TIME!  Most kids look like this while taking a breath while doing breaststroke:

Dougie, looked more like this:

In spite of the fact that Dougie looks like he is a cat that has been thrown into the water against his will, the kid is all smiles - even when he pops out of the water for a breath.

When he is not in an event, you can usually find him doing this:

The relay he was in went from a 100 meter (each kids swims 25 meters, or, one length of the pool) to a 200 meter (each kid has to swim down and back).  He, of course, protested this fact when I was telling him.  So, I bribed him.  Yup.  Whatever he wanted at Starbucks - but he had to NOT STOP until he got back to the wall at this end...  And he did.  Like a drowning cat (where was Thor when we NEEDED him?!?).  But he did it.  And he got:

A giant Mocha Chip Frap.  He asked for a TALL - we ordered a Venti.  Then we could share it guilt free ;)

What about Ian? Well, he came with me.  He and Grant (the Swim Coach's youngest son) are the most faithful spectators.  And, perhaps, the cutest!

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