Monday, July 14, 2014

Swimming Upstream

We signed Dougie up for summer swim team this year. To say he likes to work hard or push himself to be better would be a bald-faced lie...

But, he was pretty excited to get these:

Coach Kelsey accidentally gave his relay team first place ribbons - and we were all good with that. None of us are informing the kids of the slip! There were only two teams 😉.

Stefan also competed - in 6 events! He just aged up, so he is literally the youngest kid in his group. He did not come in last in all of his events, so that was exciting! He definitely looks like he is on summer break - like he should be wearing an aloha shirt and sporting a pool floatie 😄. He is taking his own sweet time. But he is enjoying it.

They both are.

And that is the heart of the matter!

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