Friday, May 31, 2013

For the Love... of Chocolate!

Eric had Memorial Day off.  The rest of us are on a Japanese schedule...  and we had to go to school.  So we picked the boys up after school and went in to Zushi.  Where there happens to be a Starbucks (gasp!) and an awesome bike shop or two... Clearly we shared a Choco-Chip Frap while Eric found parts that would reenlist him in the ABC (Ancient Bike Club).  He has been riding the mama-san to work for a couple of weeks now while his bike sits in parts in our living room :(

Eric had the handlebars off and was trying to break the rust seal on the steering tube.  Ian asked me, "Mummy?  Where are Daddy's... his... (now pointing in general circles at the bike) his...  ARMS?!?!?"

Ah - the handle bars...  On the chair baby.  On the chair...

My English Ladies (the group of women I "teach" english to) brought Choco-Wafers with them on Wednesday.   They showed up just after I put a certain imp to bed.  Thirty seconds later, Ian hollers down, "Hey LADIES!!!  Heeeeeeellllllllloooooooooooo?!?!?!"  "Mummy, may I get up now?!?"

Why, yes.  Save me the effort of pointlessly putting you back to bed while I am supposed to be teaching these wonderful women some very useful American expressions like:

  • For the LOVE...
  • Do as I say, not as I do!
  • Do you want me to give you something to cry about?!?
  • Go to sleep, or ELSE!!!  (else what?)
  • Hush little baby, don't say a word.  Mummy thinks your a great big turd...

Instead, we taught them about Brownies (little sprites, hobgoblins, Ians...) and what they can do to one of those Choco-Wafers...

We went to Dwayne's for a great Lebanese meal last weekend.  Liesl, Dwayne's oldest daughter and one of our boys' favored babysitters, graduates this year.  She is off to the U this fall (University of Washington).  She is getting into her best "college years" mode...

Strand Family - you will be missed when you head back to the States this June!

Kora Honten

Last week I had a meeting with the Seika Mother's Association - or so I thought!  My understanding was we were turning over the "Old Guard" to the new.  And we were...  However, I had the venue all wrong!

I got there and we were waiting for one of the vans - and we got chauffeured to Kora Honten (if the translation page works, click here).  The translation of the page states, "I will support a wide range of banquet in a large number of people, auspicious occasion, to memorial service from gatherings of family".  YES!!!  We were auspicious!

This is one of restaurants in a group of four that are just down the road from our house.  We frequent Nigiri I-cho, the Sushi restaurant there!  I could have just walked there (of course, Ian would have been stranded at Seika...)

Here is the New Mother's Association ladies:

This is one of our bus drivers, Shimura-san.  He always gave the kids little do-dads, coloring pages and trinkets.  He is a total character; always the ham!

We gave a toast to the new board - Asahi was poured!  And a reminder that it would be another 2 hours before we got back...

I was really glad I "cleaned up" and wore decent clothes that day!

It turns out that Dianthus (Sweet William) is an edible flower.  Peppery - similar to Nasturtium.

I was not sure how long my stint on the Mother's Association was going to last (apparently it turns over each year).  It was a fair amount of work and expectation - and I only participated in 1/4-1/3 of the functions the other members did (all Japanese moms)!   To say I am sad my stint is over would be a fib. However, I am going to miss the parking spot...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Seika Spring Field Trip - Enoshima Aquarium

Today was the Seika Spring Field Trip - to Enoshima Aquarium!

We spent most of today with two of Ian's pals: Gavin & Cooper (Gina and Hannah & Sam, too!).

What a difference it is being with Ian rather than my other two - he would say hi to the other kids and call them BY NAME!!!  I suspect that other than just personality differences, the names do not sound as foreign to Ian as they did/do to Stefan and even Dougie.

It was a beautiful day and I will just let the pics do the talking!

Sweet Pea A class & parents

Cooper, Ian & Gavin 
Myself, Gina & Hannah (with Sam!) and our respective kids - JK!  Cooper, Ian & Gavin mixing it up :)


That is one BIG FISH!  Oh, wait...  it's the diver!

These crabs are CREEPY GINORMOUS!

Dolphin Show

A couple of hams - and choco churros!



Cross-bred fish: half Parrot Fish - half Penguin....  Or, at least it looked/acted like it!  Funny little wrasse... 

This is what we had to work with...

All.  Day...